Putting your best foot forward is imperative in business, and first impressions only happen once.

By taking professional business headshots, you can let clients, peers, and future employers know that you are friendly, professional, and polished. At John Creighton Photography, the experienced team is firmly committed to helping you boost your appeal.

Why should you schedule an appointment for a business headshot?

  • It builds trust and makes your business cards, resumes, and other materials appear more professional
  • A great photo makes you seem more likable and allows your clients and colleagues to match a face to the name
  • There is no better or more unique form of branding than your own image
  • It boosts your LinkedIn profile and makes it substantially more appealing
  • Headshots create a sense of safety and familiarity between you and your associates
  • It elevates your online presence, making you easier to find and more approachable

Want to know more about business headshots or the other photographic services John Creighton Photography provides? Ready to set-up an appointment? Call today, the team would be happy to speak with you.